hillhouse, Hill House

Address : Itabashi-ku, Wakagi 2-19-10
Tokyo - Japan
Free golf range

(Chipping & Pitching & Green)
Free studio
Space for more than 10 people in the courtyard
Free bicycle parking lot for 10 or more

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Hill House1 with 7Private room's

Hill House2 with 6Private room's
Hill House3 with 7Private room's

Nearest station
12 minutes walk from Tobu Tojo Line "Kamiitabashi Station"
12 minutes walk from Tobu Nerima Station on the Tobu Tojo Line
21 minutes walk from "Shimura Sanchome Station" on the Mita Line
2 minutes walk from the bus stop "Kanpachi Wakagi 2-chome"

Check the train to Kami-itabashi stationClick

Location conditions
Kami-itabashi stn. → Ikebukuro stn. 13 min
Kami-itabashi stn. → Shinjuku stn. 25 min
Kamitaitabashi stn. → Shibuya stn. 32 min
Kamitabashi stn. → Ueno stn. 39 min
Kami-itabashi stn. → Akihabara stn. 43 min
Kamitabashi stn. → Tokyo stn. 37 min
Kami-itabashi stn. → Shinagawa stn. 51 min
Kami-itabashi stn. → Yokohama stn. 59 min

Payment:rent+deposit of 30,000 yen
Of course, the deposit will be refunded in full

Rent (monthly payment): Month: 48,800 yen-59,000 yen / All private rooms
Common service fee: 0 yen (including water supply, common area electricity,
gas, music studio, driving range, Wi-Fi usage fee,
private room wired internet fee, etc.)
Private room electricity bill: 1500 yen per month (meter reading fee collection)

Make friend with 4 cats in the courtyard

Facilities: Private room with bed, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, chair, desk,
Wi-Fi, internet available 24 hours a day
in each room (wired outlet), fire alarm, 2nd floor room has emergency ladder.
In the common area, washing machine (free), gas dryer (free), bath (bathtub,
unit bath with shower), microwave oven,
toaster, rice cooker, vacuum cleaner, iron, ironing board, tableware, pots,
fire extinguisher etc.

Free space that you can be proud of !
Free services as:
☆ Play music in the studio.
☆ Multipurpose space and breaks in the courtyard, sunbathing, reading, parties,
events, B.B.Q, etc.
☆ Making vegetables and flowers in the garden (1㎡ is provided free of charge to
those who want to use it)
☆ Golf practice in the golf range (chipping & pitching & green)
☆ Free bicycle parking at the bicycle parking lot.
(50cc scooter 1,500 yen, non-scooter 4,000 yen)

Residence conditions <Fixed-term lease contract> If you are considering
a long-term stay, please contact us.
Japanese: Photo ID, emergency contact information, females in their 40s and
males in their 30s when moving in.
Foreigners: Passport, Visa, Emergency Contact, Japanese Daily Conversation

With music studio, usage fee: free
Usage time: Up to 2 hours a day
Location: On the premises of Hill House.
Available time: From 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.


Wakagihara Hospital 450 m
Familymart Itabashi Nishidai Store 300 m
Kamiitabashi North Exit Shopping Street 1200m
Aeon Itabashi Shopping Center 1200 m
Shopping center Belx 900m
Comodiiida Tokumaru store 550m
Don Quijote Kawagoe Highway, Ring-Hachi intersection 1400m
Round One Stadium Itabashi Store (Spotcha) 950m
Itabashi Science Education Museum 1250m
My Basket Tokumaru 1-chome store 600m
Aeon Itabashi Shopping Center 1200m
Papas Itabashi Tokumaru store 550m
Nitori Shimura 3-chome station square store 1800m
Itabashi Nishidai Post Office 550m
Wakaki Central Park 290 m
Wakaki Daini Park 150m
No coin shower, No coin washing machine, No coin dryer
No key money, No guarantor, No agent fees, No internet fees, refundable deposit 30000 Yen

Free rental items in private room:
bed, tv, refrigerator, air-conditioning, chair, desk, etc.
Free equipment in sharehouse:
washing machine, dryer, microwave, toaster, rice cooker, cleaner, iron, shower, free internet

Shared apartment with a lot of free space like music studio golf range
and more on the site of up to 400 square meters inside the 23 wards of Tokyo!

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